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Home of the Original Tastee Sandwich, the Tastee Pup, Onion Chips, and other favorites. Consistently delicious and still fresh as ever. Find us in Sioux City, Iowa (and online).

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Flavors you love, no surprises

The more things change, the more we stay the same.

At Tastee Inn & Out, we’re serving up the same beloved recipes our founders created in 1955, featuring the same quality ingredients.

Tastee Inn & Out Delivery

Try Delivery

Gone are the days when getting a delicious Tastee sandwich or an order of hot Onion Chips actually required leaving your house. Now you can get all the Tastee classics you love, delivered right to your door. No pants required.

Tastee Inn & Out Menu

Our Menu

Marie Calligan created these uniquely Tastee recipes back in 1955, and they’ve withstood the test of time. Explore everything our menu has to offer, from our Original Tastee sandwiches and Tastee Pups to our popular frozen treats. It’s all fresh, and it’s all amazingly good, just as Marie intended.

Tastee Inn & Out Apparel

Tastee Apparel

If you don’t have a Tastee t-shirt, are you even a true Tastee fan? Make your loose meat love known with our apparel options.

We pride ourselves on quality, and we know our worth, which is why it pains us to offer these ridiculously cheap specials. The prices are so low it’s almost embarrassing.

Monday's Special: Super Tastee & Small Pop.


Tuesday's Special: Two Tastees.


Wednesday's Special: Changes Weekly.

Thursday's Special: Tastee and Small Onion Chips & Dip.


Original Tastee Sandwich


Pure 100% ground beef, temptingly seasoned and served crumbled on an oven-fresh Sunkist Bakery bun with a slice of pickle and dab of mustard.

Super T


A Deluxe Tastee – filled to the brim with our legendary Tastee meat and served with pickle and mustard.



A premium wiener topped with a tantalizing chili "pup" sauce & pickle-relish.

Tastee Meat to Go


Our original sought-after recipe, handmade since 1955. Sold by the pound for your next event or family gathering.

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich


Puts Schnitzel to shame! A large, breaded and deep-fried juicy pork tenderloin served with mustard and pickle. Open wide for this midwest favorite!

Corn Dog


Hot dog on a stick, dipped in thick sweet cornmeal and fried to perfection.

Pizza Sandwich


A beef patty and a slice of mozzarella covered in italian breading deep-fried and served with our homemade tomato pizza sauce.

Fish Sandwich


White fish fillet fried to perfection topped with tartar sauce.

Hot Dog


A premium wiener, served plain. Ketchup and Mustard packets, onion, relish, pickles or cheese available by request.

Tastee Dog


A premium wiener, served with our legendary seasoned Tastee meat on top! Served with mustard and onion.

Add Cheese


Add a slice of American Cheese to any sandwich!

#1 Special


Tastee, crinkle-cut fries and a pop.

#2 Special


Tastee, crinkle-cut fries and a hand-spun shake.

#3 Special


Tastee, homemade savory spiced Chili and a pop.

#4 Special


Tastee, small Onion Chips & Dip and a pop.

#5 Special


2 Tastees, crinkle-cut fries and a pop.

#6 Special


2 Tastees, small Onion Chips & Dip and a pop.

#7 Special


Tastee, small Onion Chips & Dip and a hand-spun Shake.

Monday's Special


Super T & Small Pop.

Tuesday's Special


Two Tastees.

Wednesday's Special

Changes Weekly

Changes Weekly.

Thursday's Special


Tastee and small Onion Chips & Dip.

Upgrade Pop


Shopper Special #1


12 Tastees, large pail of crinkle-cut fries, 2 quarts of pop.

Shopper Special #2


12 Tastees, large pail of Onion Chips & Dip, 2 quarts of pop.

Bag of Tastees


Bag of 6 Tastees.

Junior Shopper


6 Tastees, 3 Fries, & 3 Pops.

Sm Cone


Richer and creamier soft-serve in Vanilla, Chocolate or Twist.

Lg Cone


For a larger appetite.

Baby Cone


For a tiny appetite.



Try a Sundae with hot fudge or any of our shake flavors, nuts and whipped cream by request.

Pint Ice Cream


This ice cream is so good you will want some for your freezer.

Quart Ice Cream


Dish Ice Cream


Ice Cream Sandwich


We bake our chocolate chip cookies on site and sandwich with any flavor of our ice cream.

Sm Shake


(16 oz) Flavors from the 50s- Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Crème De Mint, and BUTTERSCOTCH!

Lg Shake


(21 oz) With the option of whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Sm Float


(16 oz) Float on childhood sunshine memories with vanilla ice cream and your choice of pop – root beer and beyond!

Lg Float


(21 oz) Takes minutes to make and seconds to consume!

Sm Whip


We take that float and hand-spin it. Try a Root Beer Whip first, then come back for Dr. Pepper!

Lg Whip


21 ounces of deliciousness.

Specialty Sundae


Seasonal flavors available- like marshmallow in summertime!

Small Onion Chip and Dip


Homemade and hand cut daily. Fresh, bite-sized hand-battered & breaded fried onion petals served with Grandma Marie's original savory dip.

Medium Onion Chip and Dip


Enough for two to share and served with our homemade original dip.

Large Family Pail of Onion Chips


A large, family-sized pail of fried onion petals. Large dips are sold separately.

Small Dip


Because you'll want more than one!

Large Dip


Our dip is made daily in-house using fresh local dairy and blended with the same secret mix of spices we've used since we opened in 1955.

Pint of Dip


Can't get enough? Take a pint home and put it on everything!

Small Fries


Crinkle-cut fries perfectly prepared for a crispy outside and soft inside.

Med Fries


More fries!

Tub Fries


The most Fries!

Chili Cheese Fries


Fries topped with our homemade chili and smothered in cheese.

Chicken Nuggets


If your kid won't eat a Tastee, we have backup!



A late night weekend favorite! Satiate yourself with fried cheese served with a medium dip.



Seasonally available and house-made. Ground beef, beans and spices, slow cooked to warm you up.

Kids Meal with Chicken Nuggets


Chicken nuggets, fries or fruit, pop or milk.

Kids Meal with Corn Dog


Corn Dog , fries or Fruit, pop or milk.

Kids Meal with Hot Dog


One small plain Hot Dog for your kiddo, small fries and milk or pop.

Fruit Cup


Individual fruit cup.



Add a side of jalepenos to a Tastee or fries, chili or Pup

We serve Coke Products

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Mello Yello, Powerade, Pibb Xtra, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Barq’s Rootbeer, Orange Fanta

Flavors: Lemonade, Grape & Gold Peak Ice Tea
Pop – Small (16oz), Medium (21 oz), or Large (32 oz. -quart)

Pop – Small (16oz), Medium (21 oz), or Large (32 oz. -quart)

Sm Pop


Md Pop


Lg Pop




Btl Water




Long Sleeve Shirt


Fleece Zip Up


Fleece Zip Up 2XL




Sweatshirt 2XL


Fleece Headband


Baseball Shirt


Baseball Hat


It all began in 1955, when Vince and Marie Calligan decided to do things a little differently – making their dream a reality and opening a restaurant that wasn’t afraid to get fresh.

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I got six Tastee sandwiches and small onion chip. Fantastic. Don't you try eating six sandwiches like I did.

Delicious taverns, fun drive-through that is hugely popular, and apparently even well known outside of Sioux City. Come for the tavern, stay for the soft serve!

Consistently great Tastees, onion chips, and shakes. Service has always been good too. I've enjoyed Tastee for over 20 years

The last of my hometown comfort food. This is the one place I go to all the time no matter what. A bag of Tastees and a bucket of onion chips with dip, and a root beer.

So you get it or you don't all I can say is mmmmm. Not for vegetarians or health nuts. Bag of Tastees, onion chips and dip, real cherry Coke and Pepsi. Get an extra onion dip and put it on the sandwiches, another level of good. Thanks for being there.

Now you can still get Tastee, even when life gets busy. Place your delivery order here.


Monday 11 AM-10 PM

Tuesday 11 AM-10 PM

Wednesday 11 AM-10 PM

Thursday 11 AM-10 PM

Friday 11 AM-Midnight

Saturday 11 AM-Midnight

Sunday 11 AM-10 PM


E: tasteeinnandout@gmail.com


Tastee Inn & Out

2610 Gordon Dr.

Sioux City, IA 51106